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We are a student association that aims to build a community around self-development. Every individual has the potential to develop into a stronger, healthier and more impactful version of themselves. We at Extraordinary Life strive to nurture this growth in students by delivering workshops around self-development. We deliver a portfolio of engaging workshops which showcase different ways to promote personal growth to participants on campus.


Our Values

What are humans without values? They are essentially aimless. At Extraordinary Life, we believe that values determine what we focus on in life, what we strive for and aim towards. Hence, it is vital to choose the right standards that enable growth and meaning in life. We have distilled our top values into the following 3 foundational principles.

Radical Honesty

Seeking Discomfort

Sense of Belonging

If you show honesty, you speak the truth. Speaking the truth is the antidote to chaos, which otherwise feeds off lies and deception.

Seeking discomfort equals growth. Personal growth is the narrative of a meaningful life. Without the discomfort, you have little meaning. 

The importance of feeling at home in this community, protected and cared for by your friends who also see the importance of connection - it is what holds our two other values up - without the people, we are nothing.


This is us, the EL family.

Students with a mission. Students with passion. Extraordinary people. Together we grow, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Students with way different backgrounds, but a shared vision. Different studies, languages and cultures, but we all share a love for true human connection and personal growth.



Meet the Board

Georgia Kirilova

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Head of Marketing

Maria Seidler

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Community Manager

Gunansh Singh

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External Relations

Albandari Alotaibi

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Project Manager

Clemens Niekler

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Keisha Matthews

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Chloé Möller

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Head of Education



Creating a genuine, deep human connection within the first meeting?

Our community facilitates exactly that. We have an active community of 100+ people who enjoy our weekly sessions, monthly dinners and online discussions.

Sign up and be a part of our community today!


My experience with Extraordinary Life (EL) has been amazing, EL hosts important events that inspire change in participants no matter the group size. I hope to spread personal development and share new ideas with EL, most of all to increase people’s awareness of their impact on themselves and on others.


—  Clemens Niekler, Team Member

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