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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The idea is to create an experience around self-development. Additional to books, podcasts and other sources of theory, a true experience delivers more value. This is achieved through transformational activities and extreme physical activities that are designed to break through psychological comfort zones.

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The aim of mindfulness is to create a safe space, where one feels open to explore their own mind and emotions with the guidance of others. The most important aspect is actually being in a safe space, without any distractions or fear. Short discussions are centred around the topic of meditation, and transition into mindful exercises or meditation.

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Reflect & Develop

In Reflect & Develop, various topics in the field of personal development are covered. In the past, we have discussed topics such as Active Listening, Am I a Product of My Environment? and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. The event is open for everyone, interactive and also encourages participants to host a session in the future in a topic of their interest and field of expertise. We believe everyone has valuable knowledge that they could enlighten others with.

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Taboo Topics

Taboo Topics aim to open the dialogue between students on the unspoken subject matters of their lives. People are afraid of the consequences of discussing them, such as receiving judgements from society or feeling uncomfortable. It is an interactive session, where a discussion is facilitated based on openness, neutrality and understanding.


Upcoming Events

Psychedelics: Bridging the gap between science and self-development

21st-23rd of April (various workshops)

EL Community Walks

28th of March, 08:00-20:00 (all-day)