Head of External Relations

As the head of external relations, you are responsible for all the EL collaborations and spreading the purpose of EL as far and wide as possible. This could be with other student associations, or with external parties and organisations outside the purview of the university. Apart from event collaborations, the main task for external relations is to arrange funding for the life altering events that EL hosts. For this to be possible, you must be an enthusiastic and driven individual, who doesn’t take no for an answer. You must be structured, positive and most of all, the values of EL should resonate with you. 

The position requires you to be self motivated and a good delegator that can ensure the well being and productivity of their committee. You must be social as a large part of the position involves interacting with people both digitally and in person.

If you’re here to amp up your CV, it’s the wrong place to be. But if you adore EL, and are ready to fight for it, you’ll leave with a family and the greatest memories of your life. 

Gunansh Singh, Head of External Relations

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Communication with collaborators (individuals, associations, and organizations)

  • Growing and expanding to other universities

  • Arranging funding through collaborations 

  • Managing the external relations committee

  • Communication with head of EL committee if collaborator needs support

You are someone who is

  • Considers EL a priority 

  • Social and a people’s person

  • Love to see EL grow and make the impact it is possible of making 

  • Stouthearted 

  • Structured 

  • Motivated and disciplined 

  • Has the time and hours to devote to EL

Interested to learn more about why you should be the next Head of External Relations?

If you would like to learn more about the role and Extraordinary Life itself, feel free to have a chat with us! Schedule your coffee date with Gunansh, the current Head of External Relations, here.