The Best Time to Change is Now

COVID Topical #1: Focus

There’s something in the air, can you smell it? No, it’s not the virus. Well maybe it is, too, but there’s something else, something bigger than that coming around: This is a time of change.

No shit, huh?

But here’s the thing: that is not necessarily only bad. Like a coin has two sides, any situation or event has different sides to it. And what you focus on determines how you’ll feel and what you’ll do. This also goes for our corona-stricken world.

You may be minutely aware of everything negative going on. The news shows so many new infected each day; so many deaths each day; in your country, in your city, there’s panic; people are going crazy… everything’s going to shit — and we can’t even wipe it off because all the toilet paper is gone.

Well, fair enough. Things seem bad. But let’s flip the coin over and see the other side because every challenge also brings new possibilities. The current state of, well… life, brings a chance to do, think, feel — be — different. Even if it’s wrapped in a dark, thorny leather jacket with spikes and skulls, the situation teems with opportunity.

Extraordinary Life will aim to help you find out what and where they are.

As always, we’re working to support you in your growth and search for meaning. We have cancelled our offline sessions but, as we’re striving to fulfill our goal, we’re focusing our efforts online. You can join our free and reformatted sessions, to expand your mind together with us, there. We will also post a series of short Topical blogs starting with this one, to help you

(1) accept and deal with the current reality and its consequences, so that you can (2) embrace the situation and make the best of it, so that you (3) will come out stronger.

Why is that important?

A stronger you will be more helpful and inspiring, to others and to yourself. A more polished you will create a brighter future, as you deal with challenges more effectively. The coronavirus situation won’t be the only, nor will it be the hardest challenge in your life. You can make your next challenge a little easier by facing this one head-on. The time to start improving, if you so desire, will always be now.

Stay tuned for the next blog where we’ll dive into how a reflection exercise can help you deal better with the current corona craze.

—to the Extraordinary, you