Are you ready to be the next board of 

Extraordinary Life?

Why a board year?

If you are looking for something to work on outside of your studies while creating a meaningful impact around self-development, then a board year at Extraordinary Life will be the perfect answer to that. 
Extraordinary Life is THE self-development organization of the university. But not just any organization: we’re a fast-growing, entrepreneurial organization. Nothing is set in stone, we do not follow a hierarchical structure. As the board, you have the freedom to give it your personal touch. You get to define the success of the student association. 
With five other board members, you will be having weekly dinner-meetings, amazing vibes and great learnings. All whilst providing meaning to the lives of the members and participants!

Why Extraordinary Life?

If you truly care about your own development, YES is the only answer! You can develop and grow by reading books, watching TEDtalks and listening podcasts, but real personal growth happens in human connection. Extraordinary Life provides that. We have a community that is highly enthusiastic about meaningful conversations and developing each other towards your own successes! Still unsure why Extraordinary Life is the association to be in? Have a chat with us and we would love to tell you more! 

Positions available in the board

Are you ready to create the next wave of impact on campus?

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply for a board position?

All EUR students who are obsessed with personal growth and have a desire to make an impact are encouraged to apply!

When is the board recruitment deadline?

The deadline for applications is the 3rd of May, 23:59. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

What is the board recruitment process like?

The first selection round is based on your motivation and CV. If selected, the second step will be a video interview where all current board members will meet you. Depending on the number of applications, there will be an additional round in which you work together in a case study to assess how you work together with the future board members.

How much time will I need to dedicate into my board-related responsibilities?

All the board positions are part-time which means we only expect you to work about 15-20 hours a week.

Can I apply for more than one board position?

Yes, you can! In fact, we strongly encourage you to state your second preference. This is due to the fact that the interviewers might see you more fitted for the position of your second preference, and might therefore also consider you for the position of your second preference.

Can I be a part of the EL board while working on an internship or a board year in another student association?

It is not advisable to take on an internship or a board year in a different student association if you are selected into Extraordinary Life's board. We believe that the amount of workload and responsibilities is enough to keep you excited and occupied throughout the whole academic year.

Are there any specific requirements that I need to have to become a board member?

Some roles might require a specific set of skills, whereas some roles do not. We would advise you to learn more about the preferred skills of the role position on our website and try to highlight it during your interview! However, by the end of the day, we are looking for someone who shares the same enthusiasm and core values with the team at Extraordinary Life.