Vice President/Treasurer

As the Vice President and Treasurer of Extraordinary Life you have a multifaceted role. As Vice President, you support the President and other board members with organizational tasks. You essentially act as a wildcard who is ready to jump in when the situation calls for it. This means that you take on the responsibility for new projects and events that come up during the year. As Treasurer, you are responsible for the financial health of the organization. As a relatively young organization, Extraordinary Life has constraints on resources and it’s up to you to maximize our impact while staying within these constraints. This means working with the external relations team to acquire funding, collaborating with project heads to create event budgets and overall getting creative to cut costs and make the most of what you have available.

Are you the next candidate that is ready to take on this dynamic role and bring Extraordinary Life to the next level?

During my board year I learned how to be more dynamic and adaptive as I got involved in a range of projects to grow EL. As Vice President and Treasurer, you actively work with all board members and get a bit of experience in a lot of different areas. Most of your work will be behind the scenes but will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Extraordinary Life.

Keisha Mathews, Vice President

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Work with the President and the rest of the board to outline EL’s vision

  • Create a strategy with goals and objectives for the year

  • Taking on unprecedented tasks and supporting the board

  • Managing the financial health of EL

  • Acquiring funding for EL

  • Creating and approving annual and event budgets

  • Facilitating the growth of EL and its impact


  • Having a proactive approach

  • Being flexible and adapting to unpredictable situations

  • An innovative thinker with problem solving skills

  • Ability to identify unexpected opportunities

  • A team player

  • Most importantly, being passionate about EL and our values

Interested to learn more about why you should be the next Vice President?

If you would like to learn more about the role and Extraordinary Life itself, feel free to have a chat with us! Schedule your coffee date with Keisha, the current Vice President, here.